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Program Partnerships


The goal of independent living is different for each family.  For Washington County adults experiencing intellectual developmental disabilities, the ASAP program can be a first step.  ASAP provides an opportunity to live with a roommate in a supportive community.  ASAP participants live in two-bedroom apartments at the Merlo Station Apartments


Some roommates come to ASAP as friends, knowing they want to live together.  Service providers introduce others with similar independent living goals.  Potential residents who are not already friends have opportunities to meet and get to know one another before deciding to move in together.


Most ASAP residents use Social Security benefits to pay the discounted rent, and use county brokerage service to provide needed support services.  Parents, advocates, and residents decide what services residents need.  Some services provided to Merlo Station residents with developmental disabilities include:

  • Assisting with meal planning and grocery shopping.

  • Helping with budgeting, bill paying, and understanding mail.

  • Ensuring residents are maintaining clean apartments.

  • Consultation with neighbor-to-neighbor issues.

  • Consultation regarding transportation and community safety issues.

  • Checking that residents are cooking safely and eating healthily.


Parents and advocates for ASAP residents meet monthly.  This group works to ensure a supportive network, and maintains a small fund to financially assist the group when needed.  Parents of residents help plan wonderful activities throughout the year such as pot lucks, bowling, summer BBQ's, outdoor movies and more.

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